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Puerto Rico Yellow Pages for Kids

To search for a resource listing in a different state, return to the state pages.

Search Tip: So you don't have to scroll through pages of addresses on your state page, do this: With Windows, press Control, letter F, with Mac press Command, letter F, then type in your city, zip code, or other search criteria, such as esq. for an attorney. Try zip codes for other nearby towns.

Those listings containing an asterisk (*) have sponsored a Wrightslaw conference.

Joyce M. Davila, Director
Urb. Villas de Cupey,
X-10 Calle Eternidades,
San Juan, PR 00926
(787) 647-2918
Email: alianzaautismo | at |
Líneas de Apoyo: Bayamón 787-645-1034, 787-630-2461, Norte 787-518-6024, San Juan 787-409-6608, Sur 787-949-4685, Oeste 787-607-3038

American Foundation for the Blind- Southeast
100 Peachtree Street, Suite 620
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 525-2303
Email: atlanta | at |

Anvipsych Consulting, Inc.
Angel L. Ramirez-Lugo, MS, CEO / Psychologist
H15 Calle 6A, VILLA REAL
Vega Baja, PR 00693
(787) 855-6168
Email: psicologia | at |
Psychological, Vocational and psychoeducational assessment and therapy. Special services for children, youth and adults with learning differences, deafness and attention deficit disorders.

Angel M. Sánchez
PO Box 9021175
San Juan, PR 00902-1175
(787) 383-2507; (787) 200-4032; (787) 200-4032 (fax)
Email: amsan7 | at |
Advocacy on Special Education

Asociación de Espina Bifida e Hydrocefalia
P.O. Box 8262
Bayamon, PR 00960-8032
(787) 740-6695; (787) 740-0033; (787) 787-1377 (fax)

Assistant Secretary of Special Education
Department of Education
P.O. Box 190759
San Juan, PR 00919-0759
(787) 753-7981; (787) 753-0015 (fax)
Email: Falcon_l | at |

Centro de Fortalecimiento Familiar, ESCAPE
Yadira Pizarro-Quiles
Apartado 2598
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00970-2598
(787) 287-6161; Fax: (787) 287-6110
Email: escape | at |
Servicios dirigidos a la prevención del maltrato a menores y violencia familiar. Servicios directos y preventivos (educativos)

CHADD Caguas
(787) 743-7937

CHADD Carolina
(787) 769-2116

CHADD Dorado
(787) 278-2519

Emily Colón-Albertorio, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Urb. Reparto Metropolitano
Calle 42 SE, # 986, Local C
San Juan, PR 00921-2755
(787) 224-5281; (787) 998-8328 (fax)
Email: emily.colon | at |
Asesoría y Representación Legal Privada a Estudiantes de Educación Especial (Reuniones de COMPU, Querellas Administrativas en el Departamento de Educación y la OPPI, así como Demandas en Tribunales de Puerto Rico y Federal)

Department of Education
P. O. Box 190759
San Juan, PR 00919-0759
(787) 753-2062; (787) 250-0275 (fax)

Easter Seals Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 360325
San Juan, PR 00936-0325
(787) 767-6710
Email: serpr | at |

KidsZone Development and Language Center
Joan M Rivera Toro
1055 Marginal JF Kennedy Suite 411-A
San Juan, PR 00959
(787) 413-8068
Email: joanriveratoro | at |
Evaluations in Speech-Language and Apraxia Therapy, ABA- Applied Behavior Analysis, Consultation and Training.

Kinder Plus de Puerto Rico
Aurora Calderon
Ruiz Belvis 118
Floral Park
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00917
(787) 281-7767; (787) 633-2873; (787) 281-7767 (fax)
Email: aurora | at |
School for Special Education, Educationals Programs, Small groups, Certified teachers, Educational Services: Speech and Ocupational therapy, ABA programs

Life Skills
William Stowell-Alonso
Calle Zuania #34
Parque Villa Caparra
Guaynabo, P.R. 00969
Email: | at |
Serving families/ individuals with special gifts, talents, and/ or disabilities. Life Skills coaching, Executive Functions Coaching, Physical Training. Practical, results-based. Bilingual, M.A- Special Education

Marquez & Torres, Abogados-Notarios C.S.P.
Jose E. Torres Valentín
Georgetti # 78
san Juan, PR 00925
(787) 753-7575; (787) 753-7577 (fax)
Email: jose | at |
Orientacion y tramite querellas ante el Departamento de Educacion y reclamaciones ante Tribunales del Sistema Geenral de Justicia de Puerto Rico.

Omayra Matamoros, Special Education Advocate - Intercesora
B/J Edif Medico Hnas Davila
ofic 105 Bayamon PR 00959
(787) 645-1034
Email: omayra.matamoros | at |
Advocacy Services. IEP meetings and mediation meetings. Servicios de Intercesoria durante COMPU y en reuniones de mediacion. Asistencia en proceso de querellas.

Mediation System
Puerto Rico Department of Education
P.O. Box 190759
San Juan, PR 00919
(787) 754-8926

Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administration
Ave Barbosa 414
P.O. Box 21414
San Juan, PR 00928-1414
(787) 764-3670; (787) 764-3795
Email: DalilaAg | at |

Mental Health Representative for Children and Youth
Ave Barbosa 414
P.O. Box 21414
San Juan, PR 00928-1414
(787) 766-4171; (787) 763-7575, ext. 2393/2376
Email: PedroM | at |

Mental Retardation Program
Department of Health
P.O. Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936
(787) 754-4468; (787) 766-1684; (787) 754-6412 (fax)

Felipe Oduardo Matos: Special Education/Bilingual/Math/Consultant
PO Box 9020054
San Juan, PR 00902
(787) 632-5981
Email: f_oduardo | at |
We are a service provider specializing in Special Education Home Schooling. Our program was developed for children diagnosed with Learning Disabilities or Mild Moderate disable, ages 5-12.We offer student services that may not be provided in a mainstream setting.

Office of the Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities
P.O. Box 41309
San Juan, PR 00940-1309
(787) 725-2333; (787) 725-4014 (TTY)
Email: erodriguez | at |

Organización Puertorriqueña de Patologia del Habla, Lenguaje y Audiología, Inc.
San Patricio #AA15
Alt De Santedro
Fajardo, PR 00738
(787) 268-0273

Parents Society for Children and Adults with Autism in Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 190594
San Juan, PR 00919-0594
(787) 723-4566

Programs for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Maternal and Child Health
Crippled Children's Programs
Department of Health
Call Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936
(809) 274-5660 or 5659

Programs for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities: Ages Birth through 2
Infants and Toddlers Program
Department of Health
P. O. Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936-8184
(787) 274-5659 or 5660; (787) 274-3301
Email: nperez | at |

Protection and Advocacy Agency
Office of the Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities
P.O. Box 41309
San Juan, PR 00940-1309
(787) 725-2333; (787) 721-2455 (fax)
Email: jrocasio | at |

Puerto Rico Developmental Disabilities Council
P.O. Box 9543
San Juan, PR 00908
(787) 722-0595; (787) 722-0590
Email: prced | at |

Puerto Rico Programs for Children with Disabilities: Ages 3 through 5
Department of Education
P.O. Box 190759
San Juan, PR 00919
(787) 753-7981; (787) 753-0015

Melisa Quinones, Esq.
602 Munoz Rivera, Suite 408
San Juan, PR 00918
(787) 402-7004
Email: melisa.quinones | at |
Attorney - Legal advice, consultation and advocacy in special education cases and claims.

Sociedad de Padres de Ninos Autista
San Juan
Email: sociedadpadres | at |

Sociedad Puertorriqueña De Epilepsia
Hotel Ruiz Soler
Calle Marginal, Bayamon, PR 00959
(787) 782-6200; (787) 782-6262; (787) 782-3991 (fax)

Special Education Access
Eileen Perez
7 Valencia
Guaynabo, PR 00966
(787) 398-8979
Email: eperez | at |
College Access Counseling for college-bound high school students with learning disabilities. Expert advice on eligibility and registration process for EARLY INTERVENTION, SPECIAL EDUCATION & VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION in Puerto Rico, ages 0-21.

Technical Education Programs
P.O. Box 190759
Hato Rey, PR 00919
(787) 758-4132
Email: berdecia_j | at |

Teramar Center, Inc.
Ana Diaz, Director
PO Box 193921
San Juan PR, 00919
(787) 798-8570; (787) 269-4401 (fax)
Email: luisdiazannie | at |
Therapy services for children ages 0 to 15. NDT (Neurodevelopmental Tx. Speech, OT, Esp. Ed., Parent Counseling, Sensory Integration/ Behavior Mod, Multiple Conditions/ Comprehensive treatment approach.

Jaime L. Vázquez-Bernier, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Museum Tower
312 Ave. De Diego, Suite 505
San Juan, PR 00909-1758
(787) 200-4290; (787) 200-4290 (fax)
Email: jaimevb1 | at |
Asesoría y representación legal privada de estudiantes de educación especial: PEI/COMPU, vistas administrativas y judiciales. Orientación inicial gratuita.

Working The Puzzle, LLC
Jim Dawson
12460 Crabapple Rd.
Ste. 202-149
Alpharetta, GA 30004
(678) 395-6737
Email: Jim | at |
In Home Services focusing on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Music Therapy (MTx). We specialize in working with Individuals with Autism and related exceptionalities. We train Parents and Professionals, as well as offer Parent Counseling.

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